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Tours and Routes in Holland.

The Holland Section is probably the biggest simply because of the number of weekend tours made. Please feel free to contact us to add any of your own favourite routes to this section.


Trip to Middelburg. July 2020

Saturday, 18 July, was a wonderful weather day for a mid-summer ride which was the first in which the route was planned by led by Richard. Joost, Tjarda, and Richard all met at Wendy and Arend’s home and left for the ride at mid-morning; the destination was to Middelburg and back in order to see what is holding back the sea in the Zeeland area of the country. We headed out but not far from our starting point, we were slightly delayed by a bridge opening – this allowed for a quick photo opportunity. About an hour later, we stopped for a brief lunch about half-way to Middelburg at a spot along the cost filled with campers and others enjoying the sea and its cool breezes on a warm and sunny day.

After finishing lunch, we continued on to Middelburg, arriving at mid-afternoon. We parked our machines and walked into the town’s charming central area while having a light beverage. As the route going to Middelburg was a bit too twisty and took us a bit too far off the main roads, Richard decided to plan a different route returning to Den Haag that allowed for the riders to travel better roads. Arend assisted Richard with making a new route and upon finishing our beverages and taking a few photos of the charming city center, we returned to our bikes and left Middelburg. Our departure out of the city was delayed by a bridge opening that lasted for several minutes.

Once out of Middelburg, we progressed towards Den Haag but as we neared the end of the route, Arend took over leading the group so as to bring us back to a point from which all riders could head towards their homes. Following a quick stop for everyone to stretch their legs, Wendy and Arend departed and rode towards their home and Richard followed Joost and Tjarda back towards Den Haag. In all, even if the ride or route was not perfect, a great day to be out with good friends!


Groningen & North East Holland Tour - June 2020

Saturday 30 May and 3 intrepid bikers set off from The Hague at 0930 heading east towards Utrecht and De Meeren. Weather was great with blue skies and sunshine and road still quite quiet. After an hours riding we arrived at the services at De Meeren and managed to get a coffee at Starbucks maintaining all the social distancing rules in the process. Bryan and Ray joined and at around 1100 we set off north East. Roads were great and especially the nearer we got to our destination north of Groningen more windy. We arrived at our overnight stop ''De Oude Smidse'' at around 1630. Quite windy but we managed to sit outside in their lovely garden for a few refreshments before moving indoors for dinner. The hotel was quiet still due to the lockdown not yet eased for bars but all was well. Great dinner and all were in their rooms by 1000

De Meeren to Oud Smidse

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Day 2 of our tour and after a great breakfast at the hotel we set off around 1000. Again great weather with a stiff northern breeze. We headed north east to the port of Emmen at the German border and managed to get some great views over the port and North Sea. Thereafter we headed south around Groningen. Stopping for lunch at the MacDonald's with motorbikes was a fun experience. On the way we had coffee at the beautiful old harbour town of Termuinterzijl.  On the return journey a stop at the KLM flying school for Joost to reminisce about his younger days. Way home was via the smaller winding roads back to the hotel. 

Rondje Groningen

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Riding past the breakwater by Emmen. 

Final day and an earlier start as we had about 330 km ahead of us. Traffic was light in the early part of the day but as the day wore on and the temperatures rose a lot of people were out and about.  This was also the first day of the NL easing of the restrictions for the bars and restaurants.

The first part of the trip was beautiful winding roads. Myself and Bryan got a bit carried away and ended up losing part of our team. Last section was motorway back home. Great weekend for everyone. 

De Oude Smidse back to Alblasserdam

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Den Helder Trip May 2020

On Remembrance Day we decided to head up north along the coast toward the northern tip of noord-Holland, the city of Den Helder. Taking the A44 up to Leimuiden to save some time, the route north took us past a lot of tulip fields (unfortunately, the flowers were already being taken off the bulbs, so most of the fields were a common shade of green). After passing Alkmaar the rest of the route followed the dykes and the coastline up to Den Helder, where we had lunch next to the Navy Museum before heading back. Richard left us to take the highway home. From there, while we winded down the provincial roads to the Spaarndam ferry, Sassenheim and back home. All in all, a fun day out!

Noord Holland Route.

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April 2020 North Zeeland & Overvlakkee

Usual meeting place at the Mcdonalds in Charlois. Ray arriving from Fijnaart and the rest, Joost, Tjarda, myself and Richard from the Hague. Regrettably no breakfast on the menu as it was closed because of the restrictions. We set off through the back roads of Rhoon and Albrandswaard to Heinenoord and then across into Zeeland. Weather was amazing. Many bikes out riding and our picnic break was a grassy bank just outside a BP Garage. keeping a safe distance whilst enjoying the sun.  After heading north we wanted to reach the end of the Calandweg to view the port but this was also closed off so a quick hop on the Rosenburg ferry and back through Maasland tbacjk to the o the A4 Delft turn off. Ray left us to head back south and we returned home via the A4. 145 km tour in all done in exactly 3 hours!

Look forward to the next trip and remember to keep our distance both on the bikes and together. 

Overvlakkee route and Zeeland. 

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First ride of 2020. 

Zondag 22 maart zou een zeer zonnige dag worden, dus een ideale dag voor de eerste motortour van 2020.

Samen met Ray, Tjarda en onze zoon Marc  met zijn vriendin Escalouinda achterop vertrokken we vanuit onze woonplaats Heenvliet voor een rondje over  de Zuid-Hollandse eilanden Voorne-Putten, Hoeksche Waard, Goeree-Overflakke en het  Zeeuwse eiland Schouwen-Duiveland. Helaas konden Grant en Richard op het laatste moment niet mee.

Het was inderdaad een zeer zonnige 

dag! Strakblauwe lucht met een fel zonnetje. Maar wel met stevige Oostenwind, dus de beloofde maximale temperatuur van 9˚C voelde toch een stuk frisser aan. Door de beperkende maatregelen rondom het corona virus waren alle restaurants en cafés gesloten. Helaas geen comfortabel plekje voor een lekker warm drankje en een smakelijke lunch. Het is een wat Spartaanse motorrit geworden met een picknick op de winderige parkeerplaats van de gesloten camping Klaverweide in Ellemeet, met van huis meegenomen boterhammen.

We hadden nog wel wat koeken, koffie en thee meegenomen, om het toch wat luxer te maken. Jammer genoeg was de thermoskan met thee leeggelopen in de zijkoffer van onze motor.

Voor Ray was dit nog om een andere reden een bijzondere rit: hij is sinds kort de trotse nieuwe eigenaar van een Suzuki V-Strom 1000.

Ray kon tijdens deze rit voor het eerst goed de rijeigenschappen van zijn nieuwe motor uitproberen over mooie, bochtige dijk- en plattelandswegen, door de duinen en lang de zee en strand. Dat was even wennen zo’n wendbare motor, maar het beviel hem uitstekend.

Door de koude wind hebben we uiteindelijk de rit een beetje ingekort, want het begon langzaamaan toch wel wat oncomfortabel te worden. We zijn in het totaal met de pauze 3,5 uur onderweg geweest, waarbij we 150 km hebben afgelegd.

Een leuke eerste rit voor dit nieuwe motorjaar, onder bijzondere omstandigheden in meerdere opzichten

Visit to EMO, Rotterdam

Our first non riding event organised by Arend. A beautiful autumn day with blue skies and sunshine, we all headed down to the Maasvlakte for a tour of the EMO bulk terminal in Rotterdam. A superb day out with lots to see and learn about. Scale and size is apparent in the photos. No need for a long story, the photo's tell it all.

A lot of fun!

Late Autumn Tour October 2019

On Saturday, 05 October, Ray, Arend and Wendy, and I took advantage of a good weather forecast for a day of riding. As usual, we met at the McDonalds in Charlois and after a quick cup of coffee, we headed out on the route Arend had prepared for the day – one that would keep us off the autoroute for almost all of it. Despite the coolness of the morning, it appeared that the weather was going to cooperate with us for the morning and afternoon. About two hours later, around 1200, we stopped in Gorinchem for a quick cup of coffee, stretch of our legs, and use of a restroom before resuming our ride. The next leg of our ride, although short, was truly fascinating as we rode along the tops of old dikes that were just wide enough for us to pass on coming vehicles. About 30 minutes later, we took our first ferry trip and a short time and ride that followed, arrived at Slot Loevestein, the beautiful 14th century castle. We parked our machines and walked to the café where we enjoyed a light but tasty lunch. Although we had seasonal temperatures and sun filtered by light clouds, it was still nice to have a warm meal 

We then resumed our tour where, about an hour later, Ray left us and headed for home. A short ride later, we met Marc and Essa (Arend’s son and Marc’s girlfriend) who were to accompany us for the remainder of the ride towards Hoogvliet/The Hague. Although this seemed simple, our attempts to successfully navigate the remainder of the route proved difficult as Arend’s GPS unit essentially led us in a large circle that ended at the point where we met Marc and Essa. Despite this, we all enjoyed a good laugh at the silliness of what had just occurred.

Marc used his GPS unit to lead us back towards the end of the route, and he and Arend then took turns leading the group. At an intersection with the A20, I said goodbye to my fellow riders and headed back to The Hague, arriving home following 280 total kilometers for the day. In all, another great day of riding and hopefully, not the last for 2019! 

April 2019. Opening tour of the Year.

Sunday, 07 April 2019, marked the first group ride of the year and as we always hope, we could not have asked for better weather conditions – bright sunshine throughout the day and warming temperatures into the afternoon. As usual, planning for the ride began well before it occurred as Grant prepared an excellent route that would take us to the south/southeast part of the country. After exchanging several rounds of text messages and emails to determine who was going on this ride, a time and place for a rendezvous was determined – the McDonalds in Charlois, right off the A15, at 1000.

After a light breakfast for those who wanted food, we all returned to our motorcycles, put on our helmet and gloves, and the fired up our engines.

We formed an order for the ride of Grant leading, followed by Joost, Tjarda, me, and Arend/Wendy at the rear; an order that we held for the rest of the day. We began working our way along the path Grant had plotted – through small towns and on narrow roads across the farmlands of the area. Admittedly, it was hard to remain focused on the road ahead while wanting to survey the wonderful scenery that surrounded us. I am sure that Arend/Wendy saw me turning my head from side to side trying to take in the beautiful views as I noticed Tjarda was doing the same while she was riding in front of me.

After riding through the Kiltunnel and two ferry crossings, we stopped for lunch at Helvoirt, an absolutely charming town about equal distance between Tilburg and s’Hertogenbosch.

After enjoying a delicious meal, we returned to our machines and headed off and after a short ride back to Tilburg, we stopped at the Louis Mega Shop and explored their huge collection of motorcycle clothing, accessories, and other goods. Afterwards, we spent some time in their small outdoor seating area where Grant presented Arend and Wendy with a Honda keyring as it went well with their Honda motorcycle. From there and after a quick fueling stop for Grant, we returned to the route which ultimately took us towards Rotterdam.

Upon returning home. I noted that my odometer had recorded 165 miles/265km from the moment I left my house until the moment I returned. Hopefully, time and circumstance will allow us to have another day of great riding before we embark on the annual trip to the Eifel region of northwest Germany.

Richard Delany

Tilburg tour

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17th June Amstel tour.

After meeting at the Malieveld in Den Haag we headed north East along the N44 / A44 towards Amsterdam. Exiting at Kaag Dorp we took the river route north east along the Drecht and the Amstel rivers towards Baarn. Weather was great although due to some road diversions and navigation problems we did manage to get ourselves a bit lost towards the end. A lunch stop close to Amsterdam South by the river and then we made our way back to Zoeterwoude Rijndijk where Arend and Wendy needed to pick up some things from the motorcycle shop. Introduction ride for Joost and Tjarda. Ray also joined for the first rifle and we said farewell to Ian who is heading back to Hull. 

Look forward to the next trip!

Amstel route. 

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Rotterdam Port & Westland - April 2018

First tour of the year for the new club. Richard, Ian and Grant headed out towards Hoek van Holland and down to the Calandweg and views over the port. Weather was spectacular. 26 degrees, A few drops of rain on the Rozenburg ferry but a great start to the season. 

Calandweg and Rotterdam Port Route. 

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