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Tours and Routes in Germany.

Germany is a favourite or many with great quality roads for biking, great food and affordable accommodation. Most trips are weekend or long weekend trips. All accommodation is linked here so you can follow our trips yourselves.

Trittenheim, Mosel

Eifel Tour June 2019

Day 1 - The Hague to Koerperich, Eifel Germany

After meetings and greetings, Grant, Brian, Ray, Joost, Tjarda, and I said goodbye to Arend and Wendy who had dropped by at the Mac in Dordrecht to see us off and set off on our way. We rode for about an hour on the motorways before exiting and heading through The Netherlands and into Belgium via smaller roads. When we left Dordrecht, the weather was fair but as we rode into Germany, the clouds thickened. A light rain shower latter in the afternoon necessitated a short stop in order for us to put on our rain gear but luckily, any additional rain was light and ended as quickly as it started. Towards dinner time, we arrived in Körperich but due to late commitments in joining the others on the trip, Ray and I made our way to our lodging in nearby Mettendorf. We all joined up for dinner and drinks later in the evening before ending our day about 300km from where we started.

Day 2  - The Eifel Tour part 1

The next morning greeted us with a cool and cloudy start, and we began the day’s riding heading out of Körperich. We spent the morning riding many terrific roads through charming small towns/villages before pausing for coffee at a scenic spot high above the Mosel river. We resumed riding and about an hour later, stopped for lunch consisting of delicious currywurst and pomme frites. After finishing our meal, we rode a short distance and stopped at set of locks and watched a small barge/ship being lowered in order to continue its voyage down the river. We then continued our riding to a small winery were I, as well as Joost and Tjarda purchased a few bottles of wine to take home with us. We ended the day’s riding at the hotel where Ray and I were staying for a quick drink, but enjoyed dinner, drinks, and good conversation at Im Goldenen Grund before ending our day.

Day 3 - Eifel tour part 2. 

The last full day of riding began with clear skies and seasonal temperatures, and as the planned route was a bit shorter than that of the previous day, we started our ride a bit later in the morning. Although Grant usually leads the way, for this portion of the trip, Brian took the honors. We headed south into Luxemburg and then back into Germany towards Saarburg before stopping for coffee. We then continued riding before stopping for a tasty lunch at a small café along the route. We finished our day towards late afternoon and had a brief drink before adjourning for our final dinner. We then relocated to the hotel’s bar where we watched the Montreal Formula 1 race and the European Cup Finals between The Netherlands and Portugal. 

Day 4 - The trip back home.....

On Monday morning, we began our journey back to Den Haag by bidding safe travels to Brian who was heading south on the next leg of his adventure. After a brief stop in Vianden, we continued through Luxemburg and into Belgium where we stopped at Remouchamps to stretch our legs and have some coffee. We bid goodbye to Grant as he continued on to Den Haag on his own as business would take him overseas in the evening. The four of us finished our break and continued riding back to The Netherlands and after a quick stop for lunch made our way to our respective exits off the motorway and back to our homes. About 1324km after it began another great trip came to an end.

Richard Delany

Eifel Tour May 2018

Saturday the 19th May, "'Pinksteren''' weekend and we set off at 0645 heading to the Texaco garage to pick up our newest member Richard. Further down the A4 to the MacDonalds at Dordrecht and a quick bite to eat before we set off towards Eindhoven. Grant had forgotten to tighten his chin strap so stopped at the next services but being at the back the rest of the group carried on. Luckily no worries, we all had GPS and the rule is always to meet at the next exit on the route.  At Eindhoven the route started proper, through the south of Holland across into Belgium a couple of times before crossing into Germany. The weather got warmer as we headed south and the roads better and more bendy. Scenery was fantastic. We arrived at our hotel Im Goldener Grund around 1700. 

Day 2 After a good German breakfast we headed East towards the Mosel river. Weather was wonderful, sunny and warm. Roads great but with a lot of holiday traffic on the river roads. After a stop in Reil for Currywurst for lunch we drove back eastwards, stopping in Urzig to sample some wine and then back towards our hotel. On the way back we encountered our first shower which was a bit annoying seeing it had been dry so far but more importantly the roads were incredibly slippery so the speed came down and the concentration up. Arrived back at our hotel around 1700. 

Day 3. Early start from Koerperich and heading west across the border into Luxemburg. Quick photo shoot at the castle in Vianden then back north towards the Belgian border. Afternoon run through Belgium was a mix of straight and rather dull roads coupled with great forest lined bends!

Arrival back at Tilburg was 1530. We went our separate ways from here.

Great weekend had by all!

Eifel & Mosel Tour June 2017

Starting from just South of Eindhoven the route took us down through southern Holland, Maastricht, into Belgium and then into the Northern Eifel area of Germany. Overnight stop was at the hotel Im Goldener Grund in Korperich. Day 2 took us around the Mosel area and Vulkaan Eifel. Great sweeping roads and some great views. Day 3 took us back through Luxembourg to the Belgian border and motorway back home. 

Eindhoven to Korperich pdf file

Eifel & Mosel Tour pdf file

Korperich to Breda  pdf file