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The Club for BMW and all riders in and around The Hague


Welcome to the website of the BMW Motorcycle Club for The Hague. Although the Club initially started as a BMW owners Club in The Hague it has since changed. Some of our members are not BMW owners but ride other makes of bike and of course we welcome this.

Also Membership is not limited to those living in The Hague; it just so happens that when it all started the core membership was in fact living in The Hague and we had to start somewhere with a name for our group.


The point of the Club is to bring friends together who enjoy riding and have interests in common. This Club is therefore for all who share an interest in getting together for a weekend ride or something more adventurous. 



At this stage we are a small group of  18 riders who regularly tour together be it in Holland or further afield on the Continent or in the UK. We also have a monthly social event in The Hague where we get together and chat about upcoming events and all things BMW and bikes in general.


Feel free to browse the pages and have a look at what we are about. Drop us a line if you are interested to join us or just come along to our one of our social evenings. Our Club is a non-funded entity, so no membership fees or anything formal like that but we do have a fixed membership process which is to ensure the safety of our members. We run simply by the efforts of a lot of volunteers who give up their time and energy to organise events for the members.

Have a look, and come and join us!


The Chairman

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